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89 All simplified Chinese searches in Bing are censored regardless of the user's country.
But before that, here are some of my favorite (and yes, even bizarre) reasons to switch to Bing.
The current weather and location are also directly accessible using Bing Weather and Bing maps.79 Bing It On In 2012, a Bing marketing campaign asked the public which search engine they believed was better when its results were presented without branding, similar to the Pepsi Challenge in the 1970s.Retrieved January 23, 2013.Archived from the original on October 16, 2006.The Colbert Report During the episode of The Colbert Report that aired on June 8, 2010, Stephen Colbert stated that Microsoft would donate 2,500 to help clean up the Gulf oil spill each time he mentioned the word "Bing" on air.Salvador Rodriguez (September 6, 2012).On the page with the listings the list can be refined by settings on ratings, pricing, amenities, payment, and parking Third-party integration Facebook users have the option to share their searches with their Facebook friends using Facebook Connect.Donavon (January 23, 2008)."Microsoft Bing Search Queries Overtake Yahoo For The First Time In December".There, I said."The sound of found: Bing!".
"As Verizon Implements Bing Default Search Deal, Company Sees User Backlash".
San Jose Mercury News.
Copy URL, to make Bing your homepage, follow these simple steps.77 In addition, Microsoft paid Verizon Wireless 550 million USD 78 to use Bing as the default search provider on Verizon's BlackBerry and have Verizon "turn off" (via BlackBerry service books) the other search providers available.88 Microsoft has not indicated a willingness to stop censoring search results in simplified Chinese characters in the wake of Google's decision to.Microsoft advertising strategist David Webster originally proposed the name "Bang" for the same reasons the name Bing was ultimately chosen justice coupon code october 2015 (easy to spell, one syllable, and easy to remember)."Microsoft Beats Out Google To Win Verizon Search Deal".Market share Before the launch of Bing, the market share of Microsoft web search pages (MSN and Live search) had been small.In early 1999, MSN Search launched a version which displayed listings from Looksmart blended with results from Inktomi except for a short time in 1999 when results from AltaVista were used instead.Developer services Bing Application Programming Interface enables developers to programmatically submit queries and retrieve results from the Bing Engine.(Both engines show me the recent scores, but Googles card displays a more complete upcoming schedule.).Bing Wolfram Alpha can also answer mathematical and algebraic questions.

No longer do I Google something; I Bing.