Best hunting scope for 300 win mag

best hunting scope for 300 win mag

The reticle also has range and windage hash marks for quick shots and various ranges without making adjustments to the sight.
So, as you evaluate rifle optics and look for the perfect one for your particular setup, its often a good idea to get a one that you can put on more than one rifle, which will save you a bit of money.
It has two Rapid-Z reticles on a self-centered image plane, so you get accurate views for better shots and easier, quicker target acquisition.
Its not expensive, but it can be difficult to do right, and with targets a half mile away, it can make a huge difference!A standard mil dot reticle in the second focal plane makes this easy to use compared to the new convoluted rifle scope of days old.It guarantees flexibility and target acquisition with its powered magnification.Our Pick for Performance verdict Overall, the best scope for 300 Win Mag depends on your needs and allotted budget.This is a scope that may be a little lacking in magnification for.300 win mag but is great for people who want to use their rifle as a close-range weapon to hammer game.Customers like this scope because it is durable and will hold up with a strong round like the.300 Win Mag.The BDC reticle has aiming circles specifically matched to the ballistics of the 22LR round.Higher magnification along with high image quality is often accompanied with very high price.
This model is a particularly good choice for shooting.300 Win Mag round because it is longer with a relatively wide objective lens, at 50 mm, which provides a solid field of view.
Leupold uses an argon/krypton purging process to waterproof and fogproof their scopes, which they say also prolongs the life of their scopes because the gases are more inert than nitrogen.
Another thing that Nikon added to make the P-300 more tactically viable is a quick focus eyepiece for quickly bringing the reticle into focus when you shoulder the weapon quickly.
In terms of statistics, the scope has everything that you need for long range hunting and sharp shooting with your.300 Win Mag.
Even the turrets, while tactile and easy to use, are still rounded off with jagged edges.Well start with the price and see if purchasing one makes financial sense or not.Overall, this is an excellent scope for long range target shooting and youll be surprised at how much value is packed into this scope, especially with Bushnell new to the tactical market.The reticle on this scope is a dead hold BDC reticle, which means that it provides exact markings for better aim, regardless of distance.The optics lens is fully multicoated gift of lights nh coupon and could transmit up to 98 of accessible light.The scope is overall very bright, well constructed, and easy to use, which is why it has become such a classic among shooters of all kinds.Rated.7 out of 5 stars from 92 customers.Magnification is also a talking point for this optic.