Anne hathaway's cottage voucher

He served as alderman, chief magistrate and eventually Mayor of Stratford-on-Avon.
Well, that's one theory.
The grounds are a naturo discount code perfect place to enjoy a picnic lunch or tea.
It's romantic to think of the beautiful, heavily-carved oak Hathaway bed as Shakespeare's marital bed, but it probably wasn't.Their first child, Susanna, was born six months after the wedding.William Shakespeare could just as easily have pursued Anne, the older woman of property, as vice versa.Explore this 600-year old cottage and some of its original family furniture, including the Hathaway four-poster bed and the courting settle.There's a full schedule on with something to see in at least one of the theater's three stages most of the year.Retail therapy - The excellent gift shop is stocked with merchandise inspired by the house and unavailable anywhere else.This an English property term that means the family then owned the land outright.The first Hathaway to live there was Anne's grandfather.Visit the idyllic gardens - Imagine the perfect English cottage garden, filled with a profusion of apparently carelessly arranged flowers and shrubs and you probably have Anne Hathaway's cottage in mind.
In 2018, an unlimited ticket for 24 hours cost.
The ticket offers 12 months of unlimited access to all five Shakespeare houses.
His well-educated son (Shakespeare attended the King Edward VI School, a boys-only grammar school that still exists and only began admitting girls in 2013) would have been expected to marry a respectable girl in due course and probably join his father's business.
The first floor was inserted and the chimneys added at the same time.
Have a cream tea - Traditional English cream teas and other light simple crochet gift ideas meals are available in the cafe that has lovely views of the cottage.The garden would have been a farmyard with some livestock and likely a herb garden.Enjoy a scrumptious English afternoon tea in the garden café.Contrary to later stories that suggested her age made her a spinster (in our modern sense she was the average age for brides of the time and an eligible young woman.Famous for it's chocolate box-pretty thatched roof and quintessential English country garden, Anne Hathaway's cottage also sheds light on Shakespeare's early marriage to a much older woman.When the site was a farm it was known as Hewlands and the Hathaway family were very successful sheep farmers.Child, family and senior tickets are available.And, in the end, he returned to live out his retirement with her in Stratford-upon-Avon He saw his daughter Susanna married to a prominent doctor, enjoyed the birth of his first grandchild, took part in local politics and left Anne a very rich widow.