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He said the problems include: No device filtering.
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The Appstore doesnt filter out apps by device so users were downloading the app to devices that couldnt run the app or did so poorly.Romanus said larger developers can afford to stick it out in Amazon Appstore because they can buy enough testing devices and can wait through a long testing process.Bithack, an independent Swedish developer responsible for physics-based game.After that was fixed, it took another week to get approved and subsequent updates arent approved quickly.And its another reason why Apple (s aapl) has done so well with its App Store, because even with some developer restrictions, its pretty built-out for consumers and developers.
Use the presubmission checklist to make sure that your app meets all of the requirements to be published to the Amazon Appstore.
Google is uttoxeter races voucher code still working on with Android Market.
The company has been taken to task by an independent developer that is pulling its game app from the Amazon Appstore for Android, (s goog) calling it a disaster because of a number of shortcomings.
Sound Cloud does not seem to be currently available with this dvd player.
That is a controversial but well-publicized provision in Amazons developer agreement that has sparked concerns from the Independent Games Developers Association.Testing : You have tested your app, and your app passes the test cases described.There is no obvious option how to win the fedex cup for contacting the developer on Amazon Appstore, and that has led to just three responses from consumers to Bithack, two through Twitter, compared to hundreds on Android Market (s goog).2qgvc3s Check out my full review!Compile Errors : If your app references nearly 65,000 methods, you will need to reduce the number of methods referenced to avoid compile errors when submitting your app.But Bithacks departure shows that there is still some maturing to be done for Amazon Appstore.He said for smaller developers, theres little reason to stick around.Romanus said the last straw was a review that stated that Apparatus must connect to the Internet to serve ads and actually tracks users.Running a successful app store isnt trivial.Find out how deep learning is powering Amazon's Image.