Alberta gift show registration

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(4) A corporation that (a) complies with section 24(2 and (b) maintains in Canada a register or record referred to in subsection (3) complies with subsection (1).
(5) A corporation may thrifty car rental racv discount file a notice in the prescribed form with the Registrar designating an additional form or forms of its name in accordance with subsection (6).(2) In addition to the powers set out in the order appointing the inspector, an inspector appointed to investigate a corporation may furnish information to, or exchange information and otherwise cooperate with, any public official in Canada or elsewhere who is authorized to exercise investigatory.Registered Education Savings Plan (resp), in the name of the award winner.(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1 but subject to a unanimous shareholder agreement, a corporation whose articles restrict the right to transfer its securities shall, and any other corporation may, treat a person as a registered security holder entitled to exercise all the rights of the security.1981 cB15 s122 Deemed insiders 128 For the purposes of this Part, (a) if a body corporate becomes an insider of a corporation or enters into a business combination with a corporation, a director or officer of the body corporate is deemed to have been.
(4) The disclosure required by subsection (1) shall be made, in the case of an officer who is not a director, (a) forthwith after the officer becomes aware that the contract or transaction or proposed contract or transaction is to be considered or has been.
(3) A corporation holding shares in itself or in its holding body corporate shall not vote or permit those shares to be voted unless the corporation (a) holds the shares in the capacity of a legal representative, and (b) has complied with section 153.
(4) A director who has satisfied a judgment rendered under this section is entitled to contribution from the other directors who voted for or consented to the unlawful act on which the judgment was founded.(3) On an application under section 215(1 the Court may order the directors and officers of the corporation to furnish to the Court all material information known to or reasonably ascertainable by them, including (a) financial buy low foods win big contest statements of the corporation, (b) the name and address.(3) If the holders of any class or series of shares of a corporation or any other class of persons have an exclusive right to elect one or more directors and a vacancy occurs among those directors, (a) subject to subsection (4 the remaining directors.(4) If the Registrar is satisfied that a professional corporation has ceased to be the holder of a subsisting permit as a professional corporation issued under an Act governing a profession or occupation, the Registrar may, on giving notice to the professional corporation of the.1981 cB15 s282 General penalty 296 A person who contravenes this Part or the regulations under this Part is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of not more than 5000.(5) A branch securities register shall contain particulars of securities issued or transferred at that branch.1981 cB15 s244 Order to comply 253 (1) If a person is found guilty of an offence under this Act or the regulations, the court in which proceedings in respect of the offence are taken may, in addition to any punishment it may impose, order.(5) The notice of a meeting referred to in subsection (4 a) or (b) must contain or be accompanied with (a) a statement explaining the effect of the arrangement, and (b) if the application is made by the corporation, a statement of any material interests.(4) An extraprovincial corporation that assumes a name pursuant to subsection (1) may, with the approval of the Registrar and on application in the prescribed form and payment of the prescribed fee, cancel its assumed name and carry on business in Alberta under the name.(9) A body corporate is revived on the making of an order under this section and, subject to the terms imposed by the order and to rights acquired by any person prior to the revival, the body corporate is deemed to have continued in existence.(2) If an extraprovincial corporation was not registered at the time it commenced an action or proceeding referred to in subsection (1) but becomes registered afterward, the action or proceeding may be maintained as if it had been registered before the commencement of the action.1981 cB15 s133 Right to vote 139 (1) Unless the articles otherwise provide, each share of a corporation entitles the holder of it to one vote at a meeting of shareholders.(8) On the application of a registered holder or beneficial owner of shares claiming to be aggrieved by a corporations refusal under subsection (7 the Court may restrain the holding of the meeting to which the proposal is sought to be presented and make any.(7) There shall be stated legibly on the face of each share certificate issued by a corporation (a) the name of the corporation, (b) the words Incorporated under the Business Corporations Act, (c) the name of the person to whom it was issued, and (d) .