Air optix aqua night and day rebate

185 people found the following review helpful: these contacts are so comfortable, these stay moist all day when I usually have dry eyes that can really get irritating.
The cheaper brand were SO uncomfortable.
Yes, I am sitting here typing this message and just smiling.
I love them, and I don't think I will ever go with any other brand.Can not go wrong with these and I have worn contacts since people found the following review helpful: Air body shop uk voucher codes Optix Aqua are the best.Gave me a trial.Love the air optix day and night lenses.Village at Newtown Shopping Center 2842.408 people found the following review helpful: wow My eye.I sleep in my air optix night and day lenses and never worry about them.My cornea specialist has me wearing Air Optix Aqua as therapeutic contact lenses to reduce the friction from blinking and reduce pain.120 people found the following review helpful: Best contacts, very comfortable what to gift a girl to impress her contacts and don't feel like wearing them.Air Optix Night Day contacts are great for anyone who doesn't like taking out their contacts every night.The price at m is superb.
Air optix night day aqua contact lenses let my eyes breathe, stay moist and comfy for an entire month.
Use to wear even after a month time which is okay I believe and wear until I start feeling itchy eyes and then discard them.
172 people found the following review helpful: Excellent comfort all month long, my eyes are never fatigued wearing Air Optix Night Day Aqua Contact lenses.
149 people found the following review helpful: genuinely great contacts I have worn contacts for 20 years and these air optix night and day aqua lenses are the most comfortable contacts I have had.
But do you know the people behind the companies or the reasons you should be buying contact lenses from a particular company.I have been wearing them for over 6 months and recommend them to everyone who has glasses.These Air Optix Night Day contact lenses have been my salvation.Jokingly called the Ciba Air Optix Night and Day Aqua Contact Lenses the "Mercedes Benz" of contact lenses.I thought that it would just be one of those but I couldn't be more wrong.I love being able to sleep with contacts in, and no other lens is better for that than Air Optix Night Day.