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Saturday, July 14, 2018, gM, today: Dry and fine for much of England and Wales, with plenty of sunshine.
Elmar Brok, who isdubbed Merkels man inBrussels, said the gifts from usa to uk WhitePaper was the basis fora future relationshipbetween the UK and e veteran MEP urgedeurocrats to negotiateconstructively with min-isters on how to turn theproposals into reality.Outlook: More rain for Scotland and Northern Ireland tomorrow but dry and fine elsewhere.Warm again in the South East onMonday.A source told The Sunthat EU officials were wor-ried member states werebeing too complacent aboutthe risks of No Deal.Tonight: Rain for western parts of Scotland and across Northern Ireland, with heavy downpours possible in the early hours.Business Secretary GregClark has warned that theNo Deal warning couldspread panic among t James Forsyth revealsin todays Sun that ministersbelieve there is now littlealternative given there are just three months left to tryand agree an outline tradedeal with EU negotiators.Call ournewsdesk and well call you straight back.
Eurocrats have drawn upa 15-page document warningof increased checks andcontrols if the UK quits thebloc without an d they have cautionedthat if there is a chaoticdivorce they may have toforce Brits travelling to theContinent to get visas.
Jeremy Corbyn NEW lags LOG ON corrections clarifications THE Sun aims to have thehighest standards.
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After months of dith-ering, a Brexit commit-tee will approve theshift in days, despitefears it could convincesome firms to movework to the Continent.The Sun Says Page 12 May callsin rebels.He turned away a charity shipcarrying more than 600 peoplelast month.Blueprintlift for PM THE PM held crisis talkswith Brexit rebels yester-day amid claims her EUdeal White Paper isdead in the water.TR By steve hawkes and nick gutteridge ministers will nextweek formally agreeto tell British busi-ness to begin plan-ning for a No Deal.Teens IN knife NAB police display a hunting-style knife which had been brandished by teen-agers in broad o boys aged 16 and one aged 15 were arrested by armed copsafter a disturbance, left, on Wednesday afternoon.James Forsyth Page 12 brexit chaos 1 brexit chaos 3 brexit chaos 2 theresa May wasboosted yesterday as atop German politicianhailed her blueprint for aBrexit trade deal.Mbx tr A-Z a-z tr -cs a-z "012 grep "a-z" sort un iq -c sort -rn freq.The IndependentMonitoring Board said it waswell received by ALY warned 450 desperatemigrants on a trawler they would be barred from terior minister Matteo Sal- vini spoke out last night as theinflux crisis continues to grow in the Mediterranean.Dry in the South and eastern parts.