308 vs 300 win mag hunting

Barrel Life : A 308 barrel can be expected to last for 2-3 times the number of shots fired compared with a 300 Win Mag.
We will see shortly what the bullet momentum numbers look like shortly.
As the bullets move out to the 200-yard mark, there is still not a whole lot of difference between the two cartridges.
And it is still found in military and police circles, just not to the extend as it was earlier in its lifetime.Price and Availability Ammunition Price (20 Rounds).300 Win Mag Federal Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded 180gr.99.300 Win Mag Federal MatchKing bthp Gold Medal 190gr.99.300 Win Mag Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBond Long Range 190gr.99.300 Win Mag Barnes Precision Match OTM 220gr.99.300 Win Mag Hornady.The.300 Win Mag rounds that we have used in our comparisons show slightly better muzzle velocities, some rounds more pronounced than others, and they fun bachelorette gift ideas also show a much flatter trajectory than the.308, especially once they have moved past the 300-yard mark.Disadvantage of the 308 is 180 grain is almost max for the weight because of powder capacity issues with the short neck and proper COL of heavier bullets.We see anywhere between 240 and 290fps difference between the two cartridge at each yard marker with the.300 Win Mag carrying the higher velocity numbers.Quot;: original: ShatoDavis,": original: ipscshooter, split the difference.30-06.In this article, we are going to look at two cartridges of the same bullet diameter that have very distinct differences in their performance.Soon after, the military adopted the cartridge and modified it to produce the.6251 nato round to replace the.30-06 chambered rifles in Vietnam.Average Recoil.308 Winchester.300 Winchester Magnum 7lb Rifle 7lb Rifle/ 9lb Rifle.15.1/.3 With the full data set, we see that the trend was the same between these two cartridges with the.300 Win Mag producing a little over s of force than the.308 Win.We also noted that after 200 yards, the overlap between the faster.308 Win rounds and the slower.300 Win Mag rounds begins to disappear and we start to see gaps between the two cartridges (not shown).We have listed retail prices for these rounds, but be aware that these prices are subject to change based on availability and demand.
Therefore the 308 can make a better fit than the 300 in barrels with shorter lengths distinguishing the 308 for short action.
Speed and Trajectory : The big difference here is that the 300 win mag will send a 180 grain bullet, which is at the top end of the 308s abilities, at almost 3000 fps.
Of course, we are only looking at five rounds for each cartridge, and with a wider sample size, we might see a more pronounced higher velocity for the.300 Win Mag.
We do see some separation between the two cartridges though with the overall average of the two cartridges shows the.300 Win Mag has a slightly flatter trajectory.
And of course, the amount of recoil generated can vary discount bond vs premium bond from round to round for each cartridge.
We also see a difference of 2 inches between the flattest.300 Win Mag and the steepest dropping.308 Win round.
With a bigger ballistic coefficient, it is less likely the bullet would be affected by wind and other distortive elements.We, therefore, saw that both the 308 and the 300 both have sufficient stopping power if you have the bigger eye for the bigger games mostly on short range shooting.And because the.300 Win Mag is one of the more popular choices for long range hunting and general shooting purposes, we are going to examine bullet drop out to 700 yards.The major difference is in the case dimensions.With proper shot placement, this round still has the energy and the velocity to make a clean kill.When taking shots within the 200-yard mark, both of these cartridges perform extraordinarily well at close ranges, and they also do well in use around heavy brush and timber although the.300 Win Mag rifle might be a little more cumbersome.Lets take a look at all of our rounds and see what the SDs look like.We just want to reiterate what it is we are doing here which is not to try and determine which cartridge is better but instead determine in which situations one cartridge might be more advantageous.Average Supersonic Limit (Yards).308 Winchester.300 Winchester Magnum 1023.7 1258.75 The main reason that we, and others, like to look at how far bullets will remain supersonic is because of how they behave when they drop below that speed.For this data set, we also took the rounds out to the 400 yard mark and it is here that we really see the difference in trajectory between these two cartridges.The 300 Win is a belted mag, so it headspaces off the belt and that can lead to throat erosion and less accuracy.And given that momentum is a function of velocity and the mass of the object and given what we know of the difference in velocities and bullet weights of these rounds, we shouldnt expect the.308 Win to bring the same type of momentum as the.300.Once they fall below supersonic speeds, they become much more unstable and unpredictable which means it requires a lot more skill and calculations to be accurate at these ranges.

Talking about the height, the 300 is higher.34 while the 308 comes lesser.8.