270 win reloading data

Expansion and Penetration, an industry leader and customer favorite, Custom ammunition balances expansion and penetration and is well-suited to how much is hp student discount medium and large sized game.
A.I.220 Swift220 Swift Ackley221 fireball222 Remington222 Remington Magnum223 Rem.
270 Winchester such as the Nosler Accubond Long-Range, Hornady ELD-X and Matrix long range bullets are promoting renewed interest in the cartridge among long range hunters.9.110.4 grams (140160 gr) bullets: deer, elk, moose, and some larger animals.Contents, description edit, the.270 Winchester cartridge See also flexperks business travel rewards visa edit References edit a b ".Internationally, firearms manufacturers now offer this chambering in all firearm varieties: bolt-actions, single-shots, lever-actions (such as the Browning BLR pump-actions (such as the Remington 7600 autoloaders (such as the Remington 7400 and even a few double rifles.It is recommended that.Archived from the original.Order 40 gr L/15,9mm Reloading Data 50 Pcs R190.00 Order 50 gr L/22,7mm justice coupon code october 2015 Reloading Data 50 Pcs R210.00 Order.227 Cal.Ackley223 Remington223 wssm225 Winchester240 Weatherby243 Ackley243 Winchester243 wssm25 wssm25-06 Ackley25-06 Remington /35 Winchester250 Savage257 AI257 Roberts257 Weatherby Magnum260 Remington264 win mag270 Winchester270 WSM270-08AI280 Ackley Improved280 Remington284 Winchester289 Remington30 Carbine30 Herrett30 Remington30 WCF30-06 Ackley Improved30-06 Springfield30-30 Winchester30/30 Ackley30/378 Weatherby30/40 Krag300 H H Mag300 ICL300 Rem Ultra.For additional reloading data, please contact our tech team.L/13,5mm, reloading Data 50 Pcs, r190.00.
50 gr L/22,1mm Reloading Data 50 Pcs R240.00 Order 65 gr L/26,2mm Reloading Data 50 Pcs R240.00 Order 75 gr L/24,6mm Reloading Data 50 Pcs R240.00 Order.257 Cal.25-06 Rem,.257 Roberts,.257 Wby.
Listed below, you will find data for additional cartridges, along with new bullet offerings in the original cartridges. .
Mag., 338 Lapua Mag., 8,5X63 165 gr L/33,3mm Reloading Data 50 Pcs R370.00 Order 180 gr L/30,5mm Reloading Data 50 Pcs R370.00 Order 210 gr L/32,8mm Reloading Data 50 Pcs R370.00 Order.358 Cal.358 Win.,.35 Whelen,.358 Norma Mag.
1 Recent introductions of low-drag bullets suited to the.
Muzzle 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards, velocity (FPS energy (ft/lb trajectory (inches).9.
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270 Winchester case can be formed from.30-06 Springfield case, the case length.30-06.3 millimetres (2.494 in) while the case length.The.270 Winchester is a rifle cartridge developed.110 gr L/32,3mm Reloading Data 50 Pcs R280.00 Order 130 gr L/30,9mm Reloading Data 50 Pcs R280.00 Order.308 Cal.308 Win.,.30-06,.30 Cal.270 Winchester, Loadbooks USA, Inc., 2004,.13,19 Barnes Reloading Manual Number 2 (1997) Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, Fourth Edition (1996) Speer Reloading Manual Number 12 (1994).AA1680 2,717 fps.7 win LR guest 100gr.0 gr 4350, unknown, cCI LR guest 100gr.0 gr, iMR 4350 3,1 cCI LR guest 105gr.8.Effects of Cartridge Over All Length (coal) and Cartridge Base to Ogive (cbto).270 Win data from Hodgdon".The cartridge demonstrated high performance at the time of its introduction and was marketed as being suitable for big game shooting in the 270 to 460 metres (300 to 500 yd) range.A b The Complete Reloading Manual for the.

4 5, it drives.4 grams (130 gr) bullet at approximately 960 m/s (3,140 ft/s later reduced to 930 m/s (3,060 ft/s).
3, the cartridge is a necked down.30-03, which is the same length as the.280 Remington, both of which are longer than the.30-06 Springfield.
The Berger Bullets Reloading Manual is available for purchase through your favorite Berger dealer.